Go Texan Day activities

Go Texan Day Activities to Celebrate in Houston, Texas (Free Printable)

Saddle up for adventure with my favorite Go Texan Day activities for kids! These fun ideas are the perfect way to add Wild West wonders to your day. 

If you’re part of the Houston community, you’re probably familiar with “Go Texan Day.” It’s a celebration of all it means to be a Texan and the unofficial kickoff of The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The Friday before the rodeo, downtown Houston celebrates the event with trail rides, BBQ contests, and local music in Memorial Park. 

Go Texan Day activities encourage residents, schools, and local businesses to dress in traditional Western attire to show their support for the rodeo and celebrate our Western heritage. Kids can have a lot of fun dressing up in cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and other western wear for the day. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to explore the history, culture, and traditions of Texas.  

There are so many fun ways to get involved and celebrate Go Texan Day with your children and students! Check out some of my favorite Go Texan Day activities for kids below.

Go Texan Day activities

Best Western Attire Contest

Engage in a little friendly competition to kick off Go Texan Day. Families, friends, school groups, and businesses can all get in on the fun. 

Houston Rodeo outfits

Encourage everyone to dress in their best Western clothing and vote on the winner. This is also an excellent way to honor the contribution the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo makes to public education each year.

Host a Miniature Rodeo Roundup

A real rodeo roundup isn’t practical to do at home or in the classroom, but you could certainly do a fun and educational miniature rodeo roundup Go Texan Day activity! You’ll need toy animals, cowboy hats and bandanas, painter’s tape, and jump ropes. 

First, create a small “rodeo arena” using the painter’s tape on the floor. Put the toy animals inside the arena. Then, give all the kids hats and bandanas to wear. After all, you’ve got to look the part!

Next, explain how a rodeo roundup works and encourage kids to pretend they are cowboys and cowgirls, rounding up all the ranch animals. Kids can use the jump rope “lassos” to practice. 

Go Texan Day activities

After the roundup, kids can work together to sort the animals into groups based on type or color. It’s also a great opportunity to practice counting skills with preschoolers and kindergartners. Don’t forget to talk about how important a roundup is for real cowboys and cowgirls. 

Go Texan Day Coloring Pages

For families and educators looking to engage children in Go Texan Day activities, consider adding a creative twist to the celebration.

Go Texan Day activities

    Kids can have a blast completing fun Western themed color-by-code pages, which are readily available for free here at Fun Things In Houston. Just put your name and email address for them to be emailed to you right away.

    These rodeo coloring activities feature cowboy hats, boots, rodeo scenes, and more, allowing young ones to express their artistic flair while learning about Texan traditions.

    Whether you’re a homeschooling parent looking for an educational and entertaining activity or a classroom teacher planning a Go Texan Day lesson, these color-by-code pages are a fantastic addition to the celebration.

    Have a Chili Cookoff

    Cooking is a valuable life skill with lots of great developmental benefits for kids. Measuring ingredients, following directions, working together, and making memories with your family are all a natural part of cooking. 

    If you’re in the Houston community, take a trip to Memorial Park to enjoy the awesome local eats. Then, host your own chili cook-offs or BBQ sauce competition at home with family and friends. Cooking together is a wonderful opportunity for quality family time on Go Texan Day.

    Register for the Rodeo Run

    If you’re looking for Go Texan Day activities that will get everyone out and about, consider entering the Rodeo Run. It’s an annual that kicks off in downtown Houston. There’s a 5K, a 10K, and a wheelchair race. 

    Downtown Rodeo Parade

    After the run, stay for the Downtown Rodeo Parade. Since 1938, the parade has been an annual celebration of Western heritage. 

    Floats, men and women on horseback, and marching bands fill the streets as the Houston community comes out to celebrate! Enthusiastic spectators to line the streets and sidewalks to be involved in one of Houston’s most popular celebrations!

    Go Texan Day

    Visit the Rodeo Houston Fan Zone

    During the rodeo, there are lots of superstar athletes in town. Fans can meet real cowboys and cowgirls in the Fan Zone every night. This is a great place to get autographs and learn about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo from the experts.

    Mutton Bustin

    Mutton Bustin is a popular rodeo activity where Texas students under the age of six can ride sheep for a short but exciting adventure. There are lots of ways to celebrate the spirit of Mutton Bustin with Go Texan Day activities for kids. One of my favorite ways is with a sheep riding simulation. 

    Mutton bustin Houston rodeo

    First, create a makeshift “sheep” using a large rocking horse or exercise ball with a handle. Kids can take turns pretending to ride the sheep, just as they would if they were mutton bustin. It’s so much fun!

    Then, engage in an adorable sheep craft. Check out this cut-and-paste sheep craft for a fun and easy low-prep printable craft that’s perfect for practicing fine motor skills with your little rodeo fans. 

    Cowboy Obstacle Course

    Transform your space into a rodeo adventure with a fun cowboy obstacle course for little cowboys and cowgirls! Hay bales, cones, and small hurdles create an exciting path for kids to navigate while riding on imaginary mounts. 

    This Go Texan Day activity helps kids develop strong gross motor skills and also sparks imaginative play as kids experience the magic of the rodeo. As they conquer obstacles, kids will develop a sense of accomplishment, fostering a love for active play the fun way!

    Bull Riding Activity for Go Texan Day

    Create a pint-sized rodeo at home or in the classroom with a safe and entertaining bull riding activity for kids. Using a rocking horse or inflatable hopper ball adorned with bull horns, kids can enjoy a pretend bull-riding adventure! Set the scene with cowboy hats and bandanas, encouraging imaginative play as your little cowboys and cowgirls take turns conquering their “bull.” 

    This activity promotes balance, coordination, and gross motor skills in a playful, environment. With laughter and cheers, this is one of the best Go Texan Day activities kids will remember forever! It’s a thrilling ride for children that will get them excited about rodeo culture.

    How will you celebrate Go Texan Day this year? Are you planning to get out and enjoy the day in the Houston community or celebrate at home with family? What are your favorite Go Texan Day activities?

    Share all your favorite activities and ideas in the comments. I can’t wait to read them!

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