where to see tulips in Texas

Where to See Tulips in Texas This Spring (2024)

The beginning of Spring is the best time to see Texas transform into a kaleidoscope of color. That’s when Texas tulips take center stage! There are so many beautiful destinations to witness nature’s vibrant hues emerge. If you’re wondering where to see Tulips in Texas this season, you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

I’ll unveil the best places to see beautiful tulips from our favorite Texas tulip farm spots to the Dallas arboretum. From the well-known Texas Tulips Farm to hidden gems near the highway, the Lone Star State offers lots of spots to enjoy the landscape and take in rows and rows of tulips. 

Embark on a journey through Texas landscapes decorated with bright tulip blooms, discovering the best spots to immerse yourself in beauty and capture Spring photos this tulip season. Get ready to experience the tulip fields in full bloom!

where to see tulips in Texas

Texas Tulip Season

Texas Tulip Season heralds the arrival of spring for our state, getting locals and visitors excited with a stunning display of colorful blooms. Tulip season begins in late February and continues through early May. This time of year, join Texas as we celebrate thousands of blooming tulips all over the state! From the sprawling fields of the you pick Texas Tulips farm to Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, there are many places to see tulips during the spring season. 

Texas tulip fields

By late March and early April, Texas has transformed into a floral paradise! Texas Tulips aren’t just beautiful, they bring tourists from far and wide to boost the state’s economy and have much cultural significance for the Lone Star State. When tulips begin to replace the rugged and arid Texas landscape with beautiful blooms, the state celebrates with festivals and popular cultural gatherings, fostering a deeper connection to the land and the changing seasons among residents and tourists alike. 

That’s why we eagerly await the arrival of Tulip Season every Spring. Planting, growing, and tulip picking are cherished traditions for Texans.

Where to See Tulips in Texas

There are so many great places where you can see tulips in Texas! Discover some of my favorite areas in the state to enjoy Texas Tulips in 2024.


In Decatur, nestled between the Whistle Stop Cafe and the historical petrified gas station on US- 287 Business, you’ll find beautiful tulip fields filled with red tulips. They’re growing on the edges of old petrified buildings to create a show-stopping scene that’s perfect for professional photographers and amateurs this Spring.

Decatur is 40 miles north of Fort Worth and 66 miles northwest of Dallas. Look for directions to the Whistle Stop Cafe for the best route. April is the best time of year to see these gorgeous red blooms. 

The best thing about making the trip to the Whistle Stop Cafe is to see their tulips enjoying their large country meals for breakfast and lunch! It’s the best place in North Texas to get a budget-friendly meal during the week. 

East Dallas

Each year, beginning at the end of February and lasting through mid-April, you can enjoy beautiful tulip blooms at the floral festival, Dallas Blooms, a the Dallas Arboretum. Thousands of guests marvel over the flowers, arranged to create a colorful outdoor landscape with every color of tulip you can imagine! 

Texas tulip season

The best part is that the tulips aren’t the only flowers blooming in the gardens. You’ll find thousands of spring-blooming annuals and perennials like daffodils, azaleas, Japanese cherry trees, and poppies. Don’t forget your camera when you visit, the Dallas Arboretum has been named one of the best places to see stunning spring blooms in the South. You won’t want to miss the opportunity for amateur or professional photos.

Marble Falls

In the Texas Hill Country, the best place to see tulips is at Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls. In addition to a beautiful tulip farm, Sweet Berry Farms also has zinnias and pumpkins in the fall. Generally, they’re open to the public by the end of February but you’ll want to check the website for updates on the farm and times to visit. 

Texas tulips

There are activities for families visiting during tulip picking season, so plan to be at the farm for a few hours. There’s no entrance fee to park and enter the farm, but tulip field entry is $5. Kids will love walking through rows of flowers! 

You can pick your own tulips at the farm for $2 each. Be sure to wear good shoes for your first visit as you may need to walk to the tulip fields.

Pick Your Own Tulips at Pilot Point

Pilot Point is a well-known tulip field in North Texas where you can pick tulip blooms to enjoy this Spring. This tulip spot is an hour’s drive from the Texas-Oklahoma border and just north of Dallas. It’s the best place to take gorgeous pictures with Texas tulips! 

This North Texas destination is the home of Texas-Tulips, a 6-acre tulip farm that’s famous in the Lone Star State. Texas Tulips is home to rows of tulips in every color. The farm is open for five to six weeks beginning in late February or early March, depending on when the tulips bloom. 

pick tulips in Texas

It’s a great spot for a spring picnic and an ice cream with picnic tables for guests to use. Admission to Texas Tulips is affordable and photographers can get a day pass to use as well.


Poston Gardens in Waxahachie is another great place to enjoy many varieties of tulips this spring. This tulip field features over one million blooming tulips, making it a charming place to enjoy tulips all day long! 

You’ll find Poston Gardens just south of downtown Dallas. Don’t miss their fantastic “Tulipalooza,” an annual two-week festival held in March. The charming town of Waxahachie has lots of boutique shopping, great places to eat, and beautiful homes to enjoy in addition to tons of tulips! 

You might still be wondering where to see tulips in Texas with all these great options, it can be hard to choose. I recommend spending all of spring discovering tulip fields around the state for an unforgettable experience! 

Where’s your favorite place to see Texas tulips? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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